The Importance of End of Life Documents

The Importance of End of Life Documents

This earthly life passes quickly. With advances in modern medicine and people living longer, we or someone we know may be found to be in a terminal condition, having a terminal illness, or being in a permanently unconscious state or otherwise unable to grant informed consent for medical treatment. If you or someone you know is in that condition, do you want a doctor that you don't even know making decisions for the patient about what medical care, if any, the patient should receive?

The law in the state of Ohio (and in many other states) allows for the patient to give "advance directives." There are two documents that can be prepared ahead of time to protect your rights and express your wishes. One document is a Living Will, which allows the individual to give specific direction regarding his or her wishes for medical care. The other document is the Healthcare Power of Attorney, in which the individual chooses another person to make those decisions for him or her. While the Living Will cannot address every situation that may arise, the designated Health Care Power of Attorney can make decisions that would be in keeping with what the patient wants. Both documents are important and can be prepared to suit your specific needs.

As your attorney, I have the education and experience to help you prepare these binding documents to protect you or your loved ones if these unfortunate circumstances arise.

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