Have You Been in an Accident Due to Excess Water on Roads?

Have You Been in an Accident Due to Excess Water on Roads?

Talk with our personal injury attorney about your hydroplaning accident in Akron, OH

If you've been in a car accident recently, you might need a personal injury lawyer on your side. James J. Gutbrod, Attorney at Law represents people throughout the Akron, Ohio area who have been involved in auto accidents of all types, including hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires of your vehicle begin to glide on top of standing water instead of making contact with the road's surface. This sudden loss of traction makes steering very difficult and can put you at risk for losing control of your vehicle. We generally think this is only a risk during a heavy downpour or when driving through standing water. What many people don't realize is that another situation at high risk for hydroplaning is at the very beginning of a rain, when roads are only damp but the dust and oil on the road's surface mixes with the water causing slippery conditions and a real possibility of hydroplaning.

How can you avoid an auto accident due to hydroplaning?

It is important for drivers to know the conditions that provide a greater risk for hydroplaning as well as how to prevent hydroplaning and what to do if it happens to you. Our personal injury attorney has a few helpful tips:

• Maintain safe tire tread through rotation and inspection of tires
• Decrease your speed in conditions at risk for hydroplaning
• Do not use cruise control during the rain
• Don’t drive through standing water, if possible
• Don’t slam on your brakes if you begin hydroplaning & remove your foot from the accelerator
• Know your vehicle and what the experts recommend during hydroplaning as it differs depending upon brake systems and wheel drive. You can read more about this and watch a helpful video here.

James J. Gutbrod, Attorney at Law has experience helping individuals who have been involved in auto accidents as a result of hydroplaning. Reach out to our Akron, Ohio office today to schedule an appointment!