Highly recommended mr.Gutbrod is an amazing lawyer he is such a nice guy and is very understanding I'm so grateful Jim helped me win my case that only a few lawyers even handle around Cleveland a Dental lawsuit! Jim takes his time to listen and is very understanding so if you need a good lawyer definitely call Jim

Heidi G. ★★★★★

Mr. Gutbrod helped me with a personal injury case and was wonderful! I highly recommend working with him.

Richie R. ★★★★★

I had the privilege of meeting Jim Gutbrod when another attorney referred me to him who did not want to "handle" my case.. I wasn't even sure if I should be there but it was a free consultation. I had never had any prior experience in this area. I'd had a surgery that had not gone as I had planned, but it was God's plan. Jim Gutbrod was patient and compassionate and actually listened. I didn't want to "go to trial." Through Jim Gutbrod's wisdom, faithfulness, and tenacity, it was settled quickly and out of court. He is the most dedicated attorney and is truly unlike any other. He has a "special calling" on his life to do what he does and does it successfully. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs. Blessings!

Cheryl G. ★★★★★

I hired Jim Gutbrod to represent me in a case regarding an accident I was in. I was injured and needed my medical costs and lost wages recovered.
Jim was very professional but yet very personable. I could tell he cared about me as his client. He is a wonderful attorney and family man.
I recommend that if you are wondering who you should hire to represent you, that you make an appointment for a free consultation with Jim and make your decision from there.

Kathy ★★★★★

My experience with Attorney Jim Gutbrod was a very pleasant experience. I found his Law Firm to be very professional and thorough with my case. I would retain his services again should I need them.

Patrick H. ★★★★★

My husband was seriously hurt while in a rehab facility. While doing therapy for torn quads (both knees) he fell twice. The therapists should have bee holding him and didn't. Without the help of Attorney Gutbrod I don't know what we would have done. He pursued and fought for his rights as a patient. In the end he won a substantial settlement. I give Attorney Gutbrod the highest rating.

Betsy P. ★★★★★

After having been turned down on a malpractice suit by the 'big firms' (apparently because I was still breathing or hadn't been injured 'enough'), I had the FORTUNATE experience of meeting with Atty Gutbrod. To make a long story short, his compassion got the case started, his diligence (along with that of his wife, who is a medical professional) uncovered a lot that even I didn't know, and his expertise resulted in a settlement. If you are in need of TRULY good people on your side when you are hurting and don't know where to turn, you've just landed on the right spot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kami M. ★★★★★

A Google review

I was in a car accident and Jim handled my case. I was very pleased with the outcome. I found him very easy to work with. He was always quick to return phone calls and answer any questions I had. I would certainly recommend him if you find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney.

Bernadette F. ★★★★★

Before finding a great attorney (Mr. Gutbrod) my relative faced the at fault partie's insurance trying to get out of paying and giving him the run around and a crooked lawyer that was at the chiropractor on V. Odom blvd in Akron not being forthcoming or helpful. Big law firms were a joke too. I found attorney Gutbrod to help us and he was a sigh of relief. He was compassionate and he listened. He explained things and was detailed and took the case against tough insurance lawyers/insurance company. He kept us informed and worked the case to my uncle's success! We were blessed to have him and would use James Gutbrod again!

Danielle G. ★★★★★

A Google review

Mr. Gutbrod was pleasant to work with at all meetings. Also, he told me what to expect and was quick with handling my affairs. I would use Mr Gutbrod's services again if needed.

Jane F. ★★★★★

Attorney Gutbrod kept me informed and updated. He was patient and answer questions without hesitation. He never made me feel like he didn't have time and was never in a hurry.

Mona R. ★★★★★

A Google review

James Gutbrod is a caring, diligent, brilliant lawyer who handled a serious accident claim for me quickly and with a very positive outcome. Although the accident was a incredibly stressful life event for me, Jim gave me peace of mind. I will use him for every legal need I have.

T.E. ★★★★★

A Google review

Before finding a great attorney (Mr. Gutbrod) my relative faced the at fault partie's insurance trying to get out of paying and giving him the run around and a crooked lawyer that was at the chiropractor on V. Odom blvd in Akron not being forthcoming or helpful. Big law firms were a joke too. I found attorney Gutbrod to help us and he was a sigh of relief. He was compassionate and he listened. He explained things and was detailed and took the case against tough insurance lawyers/insurance company. He kept us informed and worked the case to my uncle's success! We were blessed to have him and would use James Gutbrod again!

Danielle G. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim is a pleasure to work with and we got the results we wanted.

Scottm F. ★★★★★

A Google review

I was referred to attorney Gutbrod last year. He took care of my case in a timely, respectful manner. I recommend attorney Gutbrod for handling car accidents and many other legal matters.

Nicolia B. ★★★★★

A Google review

The Best attorney ever he is a very caring and honest attorney and he will fight for you im very greatful for attorney you want the best call him you don't I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tamera ★★★★★

A Google review

In this world of countless layers Jim can and is a trusted adviser. His honesty is refreshing in the legal field. I have retained Jim in a number of legal issues and will continue to turn to him for legal advise.

John M ★★★★★

A Google review

Mr. Gutbrod always kept it real whether the news was positive or negative for his client but always projected the outcome. Thankfully, the outcome was a settlement in my malpractice case. Jim was always truthful and did not give you high expectations but his projections were always based on probabilities based on his number of years of service. I would not hesitate to use Mr Gutbrod's services again, in a heartbeat.

D.M. ★★★★★

A Google review

Atty Jim Gutbrod is a wonderful person to have as an attorney...He will get the job done for you, like he did for me..he is the most calm, cool and collective person I know.

Dorothea G. ★★★★★

A Google review

I had Jim Gutbrod represent me regarding a dog bite that happened over 10 years ago. The medical process that resulted from the bite encompassed sever doctors and states and Mr. Gutbrod was able to handle all aspects of the case. I really appreciate Gutbrod's work to get me a bigger settlement then I was expecting. I would defiantly suggest others to use Jim Mr. Gutbrod as their legal representative.

Nicole R. ★★★★★

A Google review

Three years ago I was in a horrific car accident. I was unable to walk unassisted or care for my children independently for four months. Navigating the insurance claims and doctors bills was completely overwhelming, especially in the beginning when I was in extreme pain. I thank God for Mr. Gutbrod, who took care of all of this for me with such integrity. He was able to give me peace of mind when all around me seemed to be falling apart. It was also incredibly comforting to know that, in addition to the legal matters he was handling for me, he was also praying for my family and me.

Ann W. ★★★★★

A Google review

When I was looking for an attorney to represent a wrongful death suit for my mother, somehow I ended up on Jim's website. I really didn't research a lot about him until after I came in to meet with him and I hired him. I truly believe that God led me to Jim because after hiring him is when I researched him and some of his cases. That's when I found out what type of attorney he was and type of work he did. As I got to know Jim and we worked together, he was very compassionate and empathetic toward what I was going through. He was very sensitive to issues and things pertaining to the case. He invested a lot of time gathering all the information he needed to get justice for my mother's death. Jim dedicated many hours of work over the course of that time. He did a lot of research. I felt very comfortable talking to him about issues. When I didn't understand something, I wasn't afraid to ask his opinion. Jim made you feel very comfortable. He was very open and up front and willing to make time even on a Saturday if need be to meet with other family members. He was very flexible to meet our needs and discuss things. It was easy to trust his professional advice and we followed what he recommended. Things turned out better than we thought. I would highly recommend Jim, from a personal and business standpoint. He handled everything with care and concern and made you feel you were his only case. If you're looking for an attorney in this field, I would highly recommend him.

Kymberlie R. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim was prompt , and very skilled in his ability to address my needs. He and his staff are the best in the area and I would recomend him to anyone! If I ever need his services again he will always have my Back.

Justin C. ★★★★★

A Google review

After dealing with a previous attorney, and no success, I contacted Mr. Gutbrod to help me. He took a very difficult, complicated situation, and was able to mediate a satisfactory result in my favor. I would highly recommend Mr. Gutbrod for your legal needs.

Lucinda B. ★★★★★

Attorney Gutbrod was very helpful, very honest, and very efficient. He was very good about contacting me and providing me with updates on my case. I am very pleased with his services and will refer people to him if anyone ever needs an attorney.

Evelyn B. ★★★★★

There are a lot of lawyers out there that pounce the second you report an accident and it was very overwhelming. I decided to do my own search and found Jim based on the wonderful reviews he's received. He works hard to get you the best outcome and I would go to him in a heartbeat if I'm ever in this situation again. I'm very satisfied with my experience and would definitely recommend him.

Kerry F. ★★★★★

A Google review

I think Mr. Gutbrod did a good job as best as the law would allow - he got right on with his investigation - got my med records, he did what he could.

David B. ★★★★★

I Highly #1. Recommend. Anyone who is looking for a good Lawyer. To Go to
----> Attorney James Gutbrod <------ !!!! He is an Amazing Lawyer, and an Especially Caring person. He and his staff are very friendly, and dependable. They made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my case. I am Blessed and thankful of the outcome of my case! Excellent job!

Stacy B. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim was Fantastic! If your in need of legal assistance you should absolutely stop in and discuss your situation, its a win win. He is honest, upfront, dilligent and comes with the bonus of integrity and pride. Jim is not only awesome legal representation, he is also a family oriented man who considers all the factors of every unique situation. Caring and compassionate Jims dedication will get you the results you deserve. Thankyou for everything Jim, couldn't have done it without you!

Ryan S. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim Gutbrod did an excellent job as my attorney. He was very efficient, professional and accomplished what I was looking for. It was a pleasure doing business with Jim and I would highly recommend him for legal services.

Michele S. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim was very efficient, professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I was pleased that Jim was able to settle my case before going to court. I would highly recommend Jim.

Ray S. ★★★★★

A Google review

Jim was very helpful and understanding with my case. He helped settle everything for me and made it very painless on my end. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of help.

Brian T. ★★★★★

A Google review

Mr.Gutbrod, handled my case. He was awesome about keeping me informed on situations as the arose. He helped me get my settlement. If your seeking a fair and honest medical malpractice Lawyer, I certainly encourage you to call and speak with Mr.Gutbrod.

Jp E. ★★★★★

A Google review

I highly recommend Jim Gutbrod. He was very considerate and took time to listen. He went above and beyond my expectation and took care of the situation in a very timely manner. I would definitely use his services again.

DJ ★★★★★

Very polite, professional and on point! Very good experience and well worth it.

Moe K. ★★★★★

A Google review

Very professional and personal service. Helps you through every step and makes the process easy and smooth with zero stress. Thank you James.

Joshua M. ★★★★★

A Google review

I hired attorney Gutbrod about 8 months ago, after I had an autoaccident. The other party claimed fulled responsibility so that always makes the case a little bit easier, but we were able to pretty effortlessly get this taken care of 9 months after the accident. Attorney Gutbrod and his assistance, Jackie, were very responsive to my calls and emails and were sure to keep me up to date on what was happening with my case! I'm very excited to finally have this behind me, and am very thankful to him for helping me.

Brittney F. ★★★★★

A Google review

I sought representation for an injury I sustained from a fall at an establishment in 2020. James Gutbrod was extremely diligent in fighting for compensation. Attorney Gutbrod kept me well informed every step of the way.

Betty M. ★★★★★

A Google review

Explained anything and everything that was needed to be understood, didn't beat around the bush, handled the case well and got me what I deserved. Highly recommended.

A.C. ★★★★★

A Google review

Attorney Gutbrod is very caring, kept me updated and responded to my questions and concerns. I will be having him do my wills next.

Christine S. ★★★★★

A Google review

My experience with James Gutbrod was nothing short of excellence. He took the time to care about my case, in every detail, and accommodate my needs and requests over a very lengthy amount of time. He and his office staff made me feel welcome and heard. Mr. Gutbrod was able to conclude my case favorably without the need to go to court. I highly recommend him to all who are in need of legal work, specifically malpractice.

Mariella M. ★★★★★

I hired Jim after I received abhorrent care from my previous dentist. My current dentist was incredibly disturbed when he looked at my previous dentist's work. He said that if anyone had a malpractice suit, it was me. I contacted Jim and we quickly became close friends. Mr. Gutbrod never took a dime from me until he settled the case. He also didn't rush me to take a settlement. Even though he knew we might lose if it went to court, he let me make the decision. He treated me with respect and dignity. I consider Jim a friend, a trusted advisor, an exemplary attorney, and someone I can trust. Don't waste your time with ambulance chasers, call Jim Gutbrod.

Kat R. ★★★★★

I had Jim represent me and he did an amazing job. He fought for me and when everything was said and done I walked away with the biggest smile. I would recommend him for any issues you have, the guy is a life saver.

The Exile ★★★★★

Jim is very professional and goes over everything about your case, possibilities, options, etc. I would highly recommend him for not only handling your case but for great legal advice.

Juan M. ★★★★★

Jim is a caring attorney. He worked diligently with me to achieve a good outcome. You can trust Jim to do a great job for you.

RJS ★★★★★

100% would recommend to a friend and will use myself if ever needed. Friendly, professional, good communication, and fast results that exceeded my expectations.

Chris C ★★★★★

I appreciate Mr Jim gutbrod taking my case. The work he has done ✅ checkouts. What I appreciate the most is his patience.. Mr gutbrod is great pick...

Eli A ★★★★★

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