Medication Errors Can Be Serious

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Nursing Homes administer a variety of medications to their residents as a matter of routine. Some of these medications, such as insulin and heart medications, can be considered critical for life. You should be able to trust the medical staff at a nursing home, but even trained professionals can make serious mistakes. Medication errors can lead to major health complications, overdoses and even death.

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Examples of medication errors

Not all medication errors are obvious. There are various types of medication errors in a nursing home, including:

1. Administration technique:

  • Slicing, cutting or crushing pills or capsules that should never be split
  • Failing to mix, shake or roll medication
  • Improperly applying eye drops
  • Failure to follow directions as to which food and fluids to give or avoid
  • Improper documentation of medications administered

2. Improper medication:

  • Giving the wrong medication not prescribed for that resident
  • Administering a medication to which the patient is allergic
  • Giving expired medication
  • Giving the wrong form of a medication

3. Errors in the amount of medication:

  • Overmedicating a resident
  • Giving too little or skipping doses of a medication
  • Administering a medication that has been discontinued by the doctor

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