Dental Malpractice in Akron, Ohio

Dental Malpractice in Akron, Ohio

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No one ever expects a trip to the dentist to turn in to a legal battle. If you're like most people then you take a trip to the dentist for regular check-ups one to two times a year. You count on your dentist to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Beyond your routine yearly visits to your local dentist you might have some follow up visits to have more extensive work done such as teeth extracted or cavities removed.

Picture this -one moment, you're sitting in the dentist chair completely fine, and the next, you are experiencing side effects that could follow you around for the rest of your life.

The most common types of dental malpractice injuries reported in the Akron, Ohio area include:

•Complications from Novocaine
•Root canal injuries
•Injuries to oral nerves
•Tooth extraction problems
•Failure of implants
•Popping, clicking or catching in jaw joint (TMJ issues)

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