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Hello, I’m Jim Gutbrod, your personal injury, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice lawyer. I am a licensed practicing attorney with a highly focused law practice built around the principles of knowledge of the law, experience prosecuting malpractice, personal injury, and related cases, advocacy for my clients, and personal integrity grounded in my faith.

Our law firm is a little bit different than most personal injury and medical malpractice firms. Here’s how:

  • We are a smaller firm dedicated to personal attention to and advocacy for our clients.
  • We are selective about the cases we accept and the clients we represent.
  • We genuinely care about you, your case, and your outcome.
  • We have the specific knowledge of the law required to successfully represent our clients.
  • We have the experience (over 30 years) to help you recover the damages you are due.
  • We offer a FREE confidential case consultation.
  • In many cases you don’t pay anything upfront for our services.
“My law practice is built around the principles of knowledge of the law, experience prosecuting negligence, personal injury, malpractice, & related cases, advocacy for my clients, and personal integrity grounded in my faith.”

How Can We Help You?

 If you or a loved one has experienced an injury from an auto accident, medical procedure, negligence, or other cause,  contact us to schedule a FREE consultation.

Our Free 3 Step Consultation

  1. Schedule Your FREE Consultation
    We will spend time with you to learn about the specific facts, issues, and concerns you have.
  2. Case Review
    We will review and evaluate your potential case based on the known facts, the issues, and most importantly – the law.
  3. Assessment Results
    We will provide you with an honest assessment of your situation including advice on if or how to proceed.

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I had the privilege of meeting Jim Gutbrod when another attorney referred me to him who did not want to “handle” my case.. I wasn’t even sure if I should be there but it was a free consultation. I had never had any prior experience in this area. I’d had a surgery that had not gone as I had planned, but it was God’s plan. Jim Gutbrod was patient and compassionate and actually listened. I didn’t want to “go to trial.” Through Jim Gutbrod’s wisdom, faithfulness, and tenacity, it was settled quickly and out of court. He is the most dedicated attorney and is truly unlike any other. He has a “special calling” on his life to do what he does and does it successfully. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs. Blessings!

Cheryl G.

I hired Jim Gutbrod to represent me in a case regarding an accident I was in. I was injured and needed my medical costs and lost wages recovered.
Jim was very professional but yet very personable. I could tell he cared about me as his client. He is a wonderful attorney and family man.
I recommend that if you are wondering who you should hire to represent you, that you make an appointment for a free consultation with Jim and make your decision from there.


My experience with Attorney Jim Gutbrod was a very pleasant experience. I found his Law Firm to be very professional and thorough with my case. I would retain his services again should I need them.

Patrick H.

My husband was seriously hurt while in a rehab facility. While doing therapy for torn quads (both knees) he fell twice. The therapists should have bee holding him and didn’t. Without the help of Attorney Gutbrod I don’t know what we would have done. He pursued and fought for his rights as a patient. In the end he won a substantial settlement. I give Attorney Gutbrod the highest rating.

Betsy P.

Recent Thoughts

What Should I Do if I Suspect Elder Abuse?

Family members should not hesitate to contact the nursing facility management at the first onset of any concerns about the care of their loved one. If the problem is not resolved to their satisfaction or if they suspect some type of abuse or neglect that is of a deeper concern, they should contact an attorney in their area who handles matters of elder abuse. I have expertise in this area of the law and have represented numerous clients in the northeast Ohio area in these very matters. There is more detailed information at Nursing Home Neglect.

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Falls in Nursing Homes and Hospitals

James J. Gutbrod, Attorney at Law February 2018 Falls in Nursing Homes and Hospitals Nursing homes seem to be chronically understaffed. Often, the goal seems to be to hire as few employees as possible to keep costs down. However, the end result is that residents at these nursing homes do not receive the care and attention that they need and for which they pay. I have had many clients tell [...]

James J. Gutbrod – Attorney at Law

James J. "Jim" Gutbrod is a licensed practicing attorney with a highly focused law-practice built around the principles of knowledge of the law, experience prosecuting malpractice, personal injury, and related cases, advocacy for clients, and personal integrity grounded in faith.

How Can We Help You?

Our practice is built on service to our clients. We specialize in the specific areas of:

  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • WIlls
  • End of Life Documents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Professional Malpractice