Don't Let Your Loved One Suffer

Attorney Gutbrod fights nursing home neglect or abuse in Akron, OH

Entrusting your loved one to a nursing home's care can be difficult. While one would hope that the majority of nursing homes employ caring and conscientious staff, there have been unfortunate cases where the staff or another resident has actually abused a resident. This is tragic and should never happen. The elderly are very vulnerable and sometimes unable to report this type of abuse due to mental or verbal limitations.

Perhaps you have noticed bruising, a change in mental status, broken bones, or other injuries. Family members should not hesitate to contact the nursing facility management at the first onset of any concerns about the care of their loved one. If the problem is not resolved to their satisfaction or if they suspect some type of abuse or neglect that is of a deeper concern, they should contact an attorney. If you need a nursing home abuse attorney in Akron, OH, turn to James J. Gutbrod, Attorney at Law. He will represent you and help you seek compensation for your loved one.

Contact attorney Gutbrod now if your loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home.

Let attorney Gutbrod help you

If your loved one experiences nursing home abuse, you need to find an attorney. A nursing home abuse attorney will:

  • Work with you to learn the details of the abuse
  • Try to find proof of the nursing home abuse
  • Put together a case to help you fight for compensation

With an attorney at your side, you can seek compensation for your loved one. Call attorney Gutbrod today if you need representation.