Falls & Injuries in Akron, Ohio Nursing Homes

Falls & Injuries in Akron, Ohio Nursing Homes

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As our population ages, more and more people are turning to local Akron, Ohio nursing homes to get the assistance that they need for themselves or their loved ones. When choosing a Nursing Home or extended care facility, there is the expectation that compassionate and competent care will be rendered. Unfortunately, there are often many problems and insufficiencies in many of these facilities, and as a result, serious harm or neglect may occur.

Falls and injuries are all too common in Nursing Homes and can have devastating effects. At times these falls are unavoidable, but many times they could have and should have been prevented.

Some common reasons for falls and injuries include:

Understaffing: failure of the staff to supervise, respond to call lights in a prompt manner, or meet the needs and demands of numerous patients with insufficient number of staff.

• Impaired mental status of nursing home clients: dementia, confusion, disorientation, certain medications, and improper judgement can make clients more vulnerable to falls and injuries.

• Weakened or impaired physical conditions of patients which require varying levels of assistance in ambulation or attending to activities of daily living.

• Environmental hazards: equipment in hallways, tripping hazards, wet floors, beds that are too high, bedrails not in use, and malfunctioning wheelchairs are included.

Every effort and caution needs to be taken when vulnerable people are depending upon safe and conscientious care. When an elderly person falls, it can often lead to a cascade of events that can quickly become life-threatening.

Broken bones or injuries that require bedrest put the resident at risk for:

•repeated falls
•deep vein thrombosis
•bed sores
•premature death

Falls that result in a head injury (even if it is mild or leaves no visible mark) can be extremely dangerous leading to:

•traumatic brain injury
• bleeding in or clots in the brain
•permanent neurological damage

It is the nursing home's duty by law to maintain their facility and staff in order to closely support residents to prevent injuries and falls. Ohio has enacted specific laws, known as the "Ohio Resident's Bill of Rights," that specifically state that facilities can be held accountable to the patient and/or their family if the resident's rights are violated.

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