Spring is Here, Don't Drop Your Defenses While Driving!

Spring is Here, Don't Drop Your Defenses While Driving!

The month of May brings a sigh of relief to residents of the Akron, Ohio area. The start of May signifies that the colder months are now officially behind us and we have warmer weather to look forward to enjoying and longer days to be active and outdoors.

While the white-knuckle driving during snow storms or hazardous conditions may no longer be an issue, many opportunities for a variety of distractions arise. It is important to realize that during this time of year not only are more people out on the roads, but they tend to drive faster and play louder music and there are more pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles and children out and about. These factors call for a heightened awareness and the use of defensive driving skills.

Over the years our personal injury attorney has seen an increase in specific types of auto accidents during the warmer months. During this time of year typically there are more reports of:

•Pedestrian accidents
•Bicycle accidents
•Motorcycle accidents

If you are out on the road please be mindful of speed limits, especially in residential areas where it is 25mph for good reasons. Once June hits then the local Akron, Ohio schools will be out for summer. Therefore, there will be more children out playing throughout the day. Always exercise extreme caution when children are at play or on bicycles.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists in significant number will be out on the roads, taking advantage of the favorable weather. Share the roadways and remember that they are harder to see, so always look twice before changing lanes, pulling out, or turning.

James J. Gutbrod, Attorney at Law hopes that everyone has a safe summer! However, if you find that you've been injured in an accident and need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you fight your case, then reach out to our Akron, Ohio office today to schedule an appointment!

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