Dental Injuries & Infections Due To Dental Malpractice

Dental Injuries & Infections Due To Dental Malpractice

Dentists are medical professionals whose duty is to maintain the oral health of their clients. Whether a root canal , dental implant, or other dental procedure is performed, dentists are responsible for providing quality care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Dental injuries and infections may be a result of medical professionals’ failure to uphold certain standards of dental care. Have you recently suffered from complications after a dental procedure? You may be experiencing a dental injury or infection .

The most common dental injuries and infections due to malpractice include:

There are several reasons why dental malpractice may occur. Carelessness, or lack of training, experience, or skill can contribute to dental malpractice. Sometimes dentists get in over their head with complicated cases that should have been referred out to a dental subspecialist. Even if the oral health professional has received extensive training, injuries and infections due to malpractice still occur.

Of course, no one expects these complications to arise after dental procedures. However, there are signs that you may be a victim of malpractice, including:

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is critical for you to seek medical attention immediately. Infections and/or injuries following dental procedures can lead to serious medical issues that may require hospitalization. Dental infections can cause long-term damage to overall health and catching the infection in its early stages may reduce the severity of the infection.

If you’ve sustained a dental injury or infection, you may be entitled to compensation for further dental work, lost wages, and your pain. Our personal injury attorney, James J. Gutbrod, will help you navigate the legal process of injuries and infections due to dental malpractice. Contact us today to start building your personal injury case.

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