I had the privilege of meeting Jim Gutbrod when another attorney referred me to him who did not want to "handle" my case.. I wasn't even sure if I should be there but it was a free consultation. I had never had any prior experience in this area. I'd had a surgery that had not gone as I had planned, but it was God's plan. Jim Gutbrod was patient and compassionate and actually listened. I didn't want to "go to trial." Through Jim Gutbrod's wisdom, faithfulness, and tenacity, it was settled quickly and out of court. He is the most dedicated attorney and is truly unlike any other. He has a "special calling" on his life to do what he does and does it successfully. I highly recommend him for any of your legal needs. Blessings!

Cheryl G.

I hired Jim Gutbrod to represent me in a case regarding an accident I was in. I was injured and needed my medical costs and lost wages recovered.
Jim was very professional but yet very personable. I could tell he cared about me as his client. He is a wonderful attorney and family man.
I recommend that if you are wondering who you should hire to represent you, that you make an appointment for a free consultation with Jim and make your decision from there.


My experience with Attorney Jim Gutbrod was a very pleasant experience. I found his Law Firm to be very professional and thorough with my case. I would retain his services again should I need them.

Patrick H.

My husband was seriously hurt while in a rehab facility. While doing therapy for torn quads (both knees) he fell twice. The therapists should have bee holding him and didn't. Without the help of Attorney Gutbrod I don't know what we would have done. He pursued and fought for his rights as a patient. In the end he won a substantial settlement. I give Attorney Gutbrod the highest rating.

Betsy P.

After having been turned down on a malpractice suit by the 'big firms' (apparently because I was still breathing or hadn't been injured 'enough'), I had the FORTUNATE experience of meeting with Atty Gutbrod. To make a long story short, his compassion got the case started, his diligence (along with that of his wife, who is a medical professional) uncovered a lot that even I didn't know, and his expertise resulted in a settlement. If you are in need of TRULY good people on your side when you are hurting and don't know where to turn, you've just landed on the right spot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kami M.

I was in a car accident and Jim handled my case. I was very pleased with the outcome. I found him very easy to work with. He was always quick to return phone calls and answer any questions I had. I would certainly recommend him if you find yourself in a situation where you need an attorney.

Bernadette F.

Before finding a great attorney (Mr. Gutbrod) my relative faced the at fault partie's insurance trying to get out of paying and giving him the run around and a crooked lawyer that was at the chiropractor on V. Odom blvd in Akron not being forthcoming or helpful. Big law firms were a joke too. I found attorney Gutbrod to help us and he was a sigh of relief. He was compassionate and he listened. He explained things and was detailed and took the case against tough insurance lawyers/insurance company. He kept us informed and worked the case to my uncle's success! We were blessed to have him and would use James Gutbrod again!

Danielle G.

Mr. Gutbrod was pleasant to work with at all meetings. Also, he told me what to expect and was quick with handling my affairs. I would use Mr Gutbrod's services again if needed.

Jane F.

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