With more than 30 years of experience representing clients from all walks of life, we have worked on hundreds of cases. Each case is unique, and every outcome is different. Our commitment to our clients remains the same.

The following cases are just a few examples of the many cases we work on every year.

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

Date of Case: 2007

Result: Seven Figure Settlement

Case Summary: The case involved a 38 year old plumber who was injured in a motorcycle accident. Among other injuries, he sustained a massive left rotator cuff tear. He was taken to a nearby hospital and treated. An orthopedist was called in who failed to diagnose and treat the rotator cuff tear. By the time the plumber found another orthopedist who would treat him, it was too late to surgically repair it. As a result, he has much pain in his shoulder and very little movement of his left arm and was unable to return to his occupation.

The Case Resulted in a Seven Figure Settlement

Case Type: Dog Bite

Date of Case: 2013

Result: Six Figure Settlement

Case Summary: Our client was bitten on the face at the age of 3. By the time she was 18, she had had several surgeries, but had lived with a significant scar on her face all those years. We were able to work with the dog owner's insurance company and were able to reach a resolution of the case, which paid in large measure for our client's college education.

The Case Resulted in a Six Figure Settlement

Case Type: Nursing Home Negligence

Date of Case: 2010

Result: Six Figure Settlement

Case Summary: At the age of 99, Mary had been a resident of a local nursing home. Her daughter noticed that the care Mary received had been declining. Mary was hard of hearing and needed to use a hearing device. She was on her third one and the other two had disappeared. Her dentures had been broken three times. There was a sign over Mary's bed that was erected by her daughter on hot pink paper requesting that Mary always have two blankets. However, Mary never seemed to have two blankets. When her daughter asked a nurse about this matter, the nurse did not know about the sign.

An aide was transferring Mary from a shower chair to her wheelchair when her left leg struck the wheelchair and she fractured her lower leg. When she returned from the hospital stay, her health quickly declined and she eventually passed away.

The Case Resulted in a Six Figure Settlement

Case Type: Defense of Mold

Date of Case: 2015

Result: Victory for client

Case Summary: We defended a husband and wife who owned a home that they rented to Ms. S., who claimed that the house was infested with mold from which she became terribly ill. We filed a motion and brief to dismiss the case, which the court granted. Ms. S. appealed that decision and the court of appeals reversed, saying that the case would need to be tried. That trial took place over the course of a week in May, 2015 with a jury verdict in our clients' favor. Ms. S. appealed again, even up to the Supreme Court of Ohio and we won again.

Jury Verdict: Appeal Victory

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

Date of Case: 2000

Result: 1.5 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Case Summary: Ms. A. was in her sixties and a wife and mother of six adult children. Over time she developed a condition called sarcoidosis, which was never diagnosed by her treating doctors until it was too late. Ms. A. died from the condition, and her family came to us for help. The case was eventually tried, and a Cuyahoga County jury returned a verdict in the amount of 1.5 million dollars.

$1,500,000 Jury Verdict

Case Type: Dental Malpractice

Date of Case: 2008

Result: Six Figure Settlement

Case Summary: At the outset of Mr. B.'s treatment with Dr. C., he was not seeking, nor did he need full mouth reconstruction. However, when it became known to Dr. C. that Mr. B. was willing, and had the resources to pay for extensive treatment if it were necessary, Dr. C. proceeded to root canal every tooth and prepare and fit crowns for all Mr. B.'s teeth. On more than 30 occasions there are reports of crowns becoming loose and falling out, sometimes a crown for the same tooth 4 or 5 times. There were perforated root canals, pieces of instruments left, teeth split, chronic infection and infection into the bone.

The Case Resulted in a Six Figure Settlement

Case Type: Medical Malpractice

Date of Case: 2014

Result: Six Figure Settlement

Case Summary: A 54 year old woman's preoperative symptoms included low back pain and some loss of bowel control. She awoke the next day after spine surgery and thought her left leg had been cut off. Since then she has had no sensation in the leg and little muscle use. At the same time she has as much or more back pain as she had before the surgery. She had some improvement with bowel control initially, but by November of 2012, her intermittent incontinence returned. She also experiences shooting pains in her leg. She now feels as if she is dragging around a piece of concrete.

The Case Resulted in a Six Figure Settlement